Allergy Testing Service


We offer two different kinds of allergy tests in our
pharmacy: environmental allergy test and a food intolerance test.

a) An Environmental Allergy test.  This will be suitable if you have hay fever
like symptoms such as runny nose, asthma or rhinitis (runny nose thought the

b) Food Intolerance test. This will be if you have irritable
bowel, diarrhoea or abdominal symptoms (even sometimes migraines) and that you
suspect some foods might be responsible.

In these tests we will be analysing a wide range of either
environmental or food allergens.


The consultation will take up to an hour in total. First
part involving a thorough history taking from the Pharmacist, where they’ll be
identifying things such as family history, personal history and experiences of
when reactions occur etc. The Pharmacist will then get a blood sample from a
quick finger prick and take up to 30 minutes to analyse the sample. Many people
have found it to be very successful and have had significant improvements in
their quality of life by understanding their allergies.


Call in to have a chat is you think that an allergy test
might benefit you.